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St. ERHARD and Social Media

St. ERHARD and Social Media

Social media has now become one of the most crucial tools in building a brand. Many famous brands are often known to us because of their innovative ad campaigns. When a campaign goes viral it gets shared on social media platforms and reaches out to an even bigger audience. There are numerous platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress and so on for companies to attract and leave an impact on their target segment. The focus is not only on the website market but also on the app market as number of people who access internet via mobile phones increased by 60.3% to 818.4 million in last two years. Users are now connected on different devices (Phone, Notebooks, iPad, TV) simultaneously which makes it harder for a brand to track their users but in turn fosters brand visibility.

Different media like digital/print media are playing a pivotal role in making a brand successful. Social media is now embraced by more than one billion people all across the world with users coming from all different demographic environments. In a recent research it was found out that people falling between the age categories of 18 to 29 use/connect more to the social media networking websites which decreases with increasing age group people.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click, Google AdWords and many others, have changed the traditional pattern of doing businesses and have revolutionized the way sales are done. If we talk about numbers, as of the first quarter of 2013, Facebook passed 1.1 billion monthly users and now  has approximately 665 million daily user base. Twitter’s 288 million monthly active user accounts have seen 44% growth from June 2012 to March 2013. LinkedIn reached 200 million users which made it one of the biggest platforms for professional networking and YouTube had 1 billion unique monthly visitors. These numbers are constantly increasing every second with the emergence of different brands in the market and their constant urge to become big.

When we talk about St. ERHARD which is a high-end premium beverage brand, social media has always been our primary focus. We use it not only to increase the visibility and to build a strong brand but also as a tool to replicate the unique German beer culture through our online campaigns all across the world. With our main market being Asia, it’s crucial for us to portray the famous German beer culture along with the brand. The world of social media is endless. Having said that I will suggest: “Go drink some beer and socialize”.

IGZ Bamberg

IGZ Bamberg

Great businesses are developed from great workplaces. So is the case with St. ERHARD. Our office is located in Innovations- und Gründungszentrum (IGZ) Bamberg which translates to Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Today I will talk about our office premises and what is it that makes it very special and motivating, to wake up in the morning and wanting to go there.

As the name says, the whole premises are just built for young start-up businesses which are still growing. It’s owned and run by the municipality of Bamberg which wants to promote young businesses locally. The administration here is trying best to develop and flourish new start-ups and is motivating young people to generate new ideas and turn them into a profitable product/service offering. The business centre is located in the vicinity of one of the University of Bamberg’s campuses and is equipped with well built offices and conference rooms.

There is something else which makes this place more interesting and very challenging to be in. Just to promote entrepreneurship, IGZ only allows businesses to stay there for a certain period of time. After that the office space is provided to a new venture. This makes sure that the venture makes the most of the starting phase and as soon as it gets big enough then it’s time to give the chance to a new business idea to grow in IGZ. Nonetheless, the rent is subsidized for all the businesses, in compared to offices in other business centers, to make sure that rent doesn’t become a burden on the businesses in the initial phase.

IGZ currently has about 25 different businesses running under one roof. There are networking events where businesses come together and discuss about what they are doing do impact the society and present their product/service offering in front of everyone. One event was recently organized on 17th of May with St. ERHARD being the main sponsor. With all the companies presenting their business ideas, they also enjoyed and appreciated how St. ERHARD is growing and spreading German beer culture abroad starting from Asia to all the other parts of the globe.

We are proud to be a part of this versatile business community and to run our operations out of this dynamic initiative.

Batch of St. ERHARD Beer in the Making

Batch of St. ERHARD Beer in the Making

Every brand carries a story and so does St. ERHARD. This history of brewing beer is thousands of years old and Bamberg area in particular has a rich cultural and beer heritage. The story of Saint Erhard is the story of a prominent Bavarian saint who missionized Bavaria in the 7th century. With St. ERHARD beer we now want to missionize the Asian beer market and make St. ERHARD become the synonym of German premium beer abroad.

St. ERHARD is a flagship brand which represents true beer excellence. This process starts right from the production of our clear glass bottles with our logo getting printed directly on them. This gives our bottles a different grace & subtleness. Then the bottles are coated with an UV-protection to preserve the beer from the effects of sunlight. This makes our beer very attractive and trendy when it comes to our product design and brand promotion.

St. ERHARD was founded in 2011 by Christian, Vincent, Thies & Vikanshu. Even though German beer carries a great reputation in India, there was rarely any brand present in India. This is how the idea of St. ERHARD got generated. Creating a premium brand all from scratch and making it prominent among the beer enthusiasts all over the globe is our vision. 

St. ERHARD is a Kellerbier also called cellar beer in English. It’s brewed according to the German purity law (Reinheitsgebot) and only water, hops and malt are used. The different malts used are Vienna, Pilsen and Cara-Munich malt and the hop used is called Tettnanger aroma hop. A batch of St. ERHARD beer takes approximately 3-4 weeks to get ready and to be bottled. The bottles of St. ERHARD are closed with a crown cap that is separately printed with the picture of Saint Erhard. During this process the beer is also tasted by the brewmaster. Taste and quality is fully taken care of. Then the finished bottles are ready to be exported via containers to India and other parts of Asia.

There are a lot of passionate people behind this brand. As I like to say every sip of St. ERHARD tells me a story.

Batsman of Indian Cricket Team

Batsman of Indian Cricket Team

In my last 2 years here in Germany I have met so many people who were really curious about how cricket was played. Some people said if it was like baseball or some people compared it with other similar games. Cricket is generally a game played between two teams on a roughly circular ground with 11 players playing from each team. However, there are many rules in the game but in layman terms every team has to get as many runs as they can on board and prevent the other team beating the score sety by the first team. From one team two players are batting and from other team 11 players are fielding and its works the same in case of the other team batting.

Lately, there have been some new formats added to the game. Usually, there is one day cricket in which each team get to play for 50 overs (1 over is 6 balls). Also there is a test cricket format where teams play over the course of five days. Now recently, to make the game more interesting, Twenty20 also called T20 was introduced where each team just plays for 20 overs each which gives a lot of room for the players to play fast and in a more aggressive manner.

Cricket is huge in India. I can surely say the insaneness one gets to see on the football field here in Germany is never any less on a cricket ground. Cricket indeed plays a big role in the field of sports in India. With increasing popularity of the game and the players, cricket is now often chosen as a main hobby and also as a career option by many young teenagers. It’s not just the game but also related to fame as If one is doing well on the field would find a lot of companies asking him endorse their brands and so on.

In India the training for cricket starts from school level only. Nowadays, there are special schools dedicated to just cricket, some run by current or former cricketers. Though, hockey is the national game of India cricket is now and has been taking the forefront in terms of the followers in India and also abroad.

German football fans celebrating

German football fans celebrating

Lately after meeting people and sharing what I have been doing in Germany, I have realized that I have been living a German dream. Yes, it might sound funny but I think it’s true to some extent. What could be more German than working for a beer company and being enthusiastic about football? Being associated with St. ERHARD and exporting beer to Asia, my increasing enthusiasm about beer and brewing and also in soccer is taking me very near to know German culture better. I have always believed that India is one of the few countries which are blessed with strong tradition and culture but when I look around here in Germany I see how things like beer and soccer binds the whole nation.

Few examples being at Oktoberfest and all other small regional fests where people get together, dress-up in their respective traditional dresses and drink beer portrays German culture more than anything else for me. The same goes with soccer. Being an Indian, I am a big supporter of cricket but after living in Germany for almost 2 years now I feel how a game like soccer gets so many people cheering in one breath under one roof. Fans travelling to other countries to see their team playing, spending a lot of money on buying team merchandizes and so on makes it an experience to live. It’s not just soccer but also other sports which play a great role in Germany. Kids are taught to play and excel in different sports activities and their parents encourage them to participate and learn them respectively.

I personally experienced how it is to sit in a crowd of over 70,000 people with everyone screaming their teams name and encouraging them to play at their best at a soccer match played in Allianz Arena in Munich. I certainly got goosebumps that day.  It was the same experience when I went to see a handball match which I never thought I would be interested in, but it totally changed my perception of how to see a game by seeing people sitting on their edge of their seats and screaming their lungs out.

I feel privileged to be a part of such a culture and to live some years of my life in this country which is undoubtedly very rich both in values and traditions. Being a part of St. ERHARD plays a pivotal part in making my experience complete with a feeling that I am truly living a German dream.

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