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Bar in Tallinn, Estonia

Bar in Tallinn, Estonia

Barely has been cultivated in Estonia from some 1000 years BC and probably with it people also learned how to make fermented drinks from grains such as mead and beer.

For medieval age each region of Estonia had developed its own beer making technics and recipes, different flavours, strongness and colours. For example to the beer wort was added juniper infused water, birch whisks, bread, tobacco and even salted sprats boiled water. One could wonder how this would taste?

Beer had a strong place in the life around the village. Usually brewing took place several times in a year before bees, holidays and celebrations. In addition beer was brought to the neighbours for building better relations or sacrificed for ancestors’ souls.

Industrial production of beer started in 19th century. Nowadays the beer market in Estonia is dominated by two breweries – A Le Coq and Saku – which has about 80% of the beer market. There are also 3 medium size breweries and couple of smaller breweries. Therefore the beer market is not yet much diversified and there are mainly three sorts of beer in hundreds of different versions – pilsner, light lager beer and porter.

But as in all over the word the craft beer movement has not moved past Estonia. People are more and more into new exquisite tastes and craft beers – both imported and also from the new craft breweries that are being founded in Estonia.

And as such St. ERHARD beer has been accepted very well by our first Estonian customers who have ordered through our online store. Cheers!

Beer Sommelier Christian Klemenz (center) together with Markus Raupach (left) and Nicola Buchner (right)

Beer Sommelier Christian Klemenz (center) together with Markus Raupach (left) and Nicola Buchner (right)

After being in the world of beer for quite some time already I decided to participate in the unique beer sommelier education by Doemens and the Bierakadmie. The course is designed for professionals who work in the alcoholic beverage industry specializing in the service and knowledge of beer. This knowledge includes an understanding of styles, brewing, ingredients, history of beer and brewing, glassware, beer service, draught systems and food pairings. Since my educational background from university is in the area of business and management, graduating with a diploma to become a certified beer sommelier was the best match to complete my studies for doing what I am doing.

I was exposed to many different styles of beer of which some I didn’t even know before. As a result, we at St. ERHARD are already working on a new beer which we are going to develop together with our seasoned brewmaster. It will be based on an ancient European beer style and new to many of you but I can’t tell you more at this point in time so stay tuned to be the first to know. 🙂

To get an idea of what I’ve learned at the beer sommelier course you can watch this TV feature from Bayerisches Fernsehen which visited us during the course:


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Christian Klemenz

Mirko and Björn made it to Cochin

Mirko and Björn made it to Cochin

Yes! Team St. ERHARD has made it to Cochin. After two weeks and 3,500 km of bumpy Indian roads Mirko and Björn have finally made it to Cochin. They successfully completed “The Rickshaw Run” 2014 from Jaisalmer in Rajasthan to Cochin in Kerala in a 7 horsepower rickshaw. What a wild ride!

For more pictures check out:

Congrats Björn & Mirko for successfully completing this mad journey!

St. ERHARD KellerBeats

St. ERHARD KellerBeats

For us, St. ERHARD is much more than the beer that we produce. We are working on building an iconic brand whose values spread beyond the material product features. We embrace design and the arts. That’s why we decided to start a new series of events where we promote upcoming bands and their music. We called it “St. ERHARD KellerBeats”.

The first concert, St. ERHARD KellerBeats Volume#1, will take place on February 7th, 2014 at Live Club Bamberg. Our first performing band will be Bülbül Manush from Erlangen. The after show party will be hosted by Drosophila Sound from Bayreuth.

We’re looking forward to welcoming many of our St. ERHARD fans at this kick-off event in Bamberg. For more information please also visit the following Facebook event site:

Mirko and Björn have reached Goa

Mirko and Björn have reached Goa

After about a week of bumpy roads Team St. ERHARD has reached Goa. About 1,000 km more to go for reaching Cochin. Keep it up!

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Mirko and Björn from Team St. ERHARD at "The Rickshaw Run" 2014

Mirko and Björn from Team St. ERHARD at “The Rickshaw Run” 2014

What would you say if somebody tells you that he will take a 3,500 km journey across the Indian subcontinent with a 7 horesepower rickshaw? You might think this is crazy and so thought we when we were addressed by Björn and Mirko who wanted to form a German team to participate in  “The Rickshaw Run” 2014. But because we like crazy ideas and have been a crazy idea ourselves when we started off exporting German beer to India we wanted to support them.

The start of the race has been January 1st 2014 in the City of Jaisalmer in Northern India. For the next 14 days they will try to make their way to Cochin in Southern India. A given route does not exist, the journey is the destination. A price is just as rare, winners will be all. The Rickshaw Run is also a charity event where each team collects money for a nonprofit organization. In addition to the environmental organization Cool Earth the team raises funds for SOS Children’s Villages.

We will keep you posted on the recent developments and inform you about anything that happens on their way.

Recent pictures can be found on our St. ERHARD Facebook Fanpage:

If you want to take a glimpse on how the race is going check out this short video:


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