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Tuuli Tilk

Tuuli Tilk

When I was offered a participation in Erasmus Exchange porgramme, I wanted to explore entrepreneurship in a country with great traditions. Entrepreneurship in St. ERHARD is the perfect  to meet German people, German culture and famous German Beer!

As an admirer of strong traditions, I value the opportunity to work at a professional craft beer manufacturer. I share St. ERHARD® love for customs, traditions and hard work. Like my predecessor from Estonia before, I`m also observing a different cultural space (local consumer and its habits, local market) with great interest.

I come from famous (at least for Estonians) and beautiful resort city Pärnu. Due to my previous work experience I take the liberty to say, that I know Estonian consumer. Now the St. ERHARD® offers a great opportunity get to know German and international markets and its customers. Difference enriches and work in the international sales department create a bigger chance to let us (both – myself and St. ERHARD®) more closer to clients and customers. Let us entertain You by offering a beer-tastic flavors!

Ein neues St. ERHARD Bier

Ein neues St. ERHARD Bier

Lange haben wir uns zurückgehalten und erst einmal unser Kerngeschäft mit unserem St. ERHARD Kellerbier aufgebaut. Bei nur einem Bierstil soll es aber zukünftig nicht bleiben und daher haben wir gemeinsam mit unserem Braumeister David Hertl in den letzten Wochen und Monaten ein neues Spezialbier entwickelt, welches sich im Bereich “Craft Beer” verorten lassen wird. Wir wollen damit eine ganze Serie von außergewöhnlichen Bieren starten, welche neue Geschmackserlebnisse ermöglichen und auch für den ein oder anderen Überraschungseffekt sorgen werden.

Auf diesem Weg sind wir für jeden Kommentar, Hinweis und auch jede Kritik offen. Lasst uns gerne wissen, was Euch gefällt und was nicht, was Ihr gerne sehen würdet und welche Ideen Ihr habt. Die Bierwelt ist stark im Wandel und wir freuen uns rießig, diese Zukunft auch etwas mitzugestalten.

Christian Klemenz


Enzo Harms

Enzo Harms

Hello beer-enthusiasts all over the world,

My name is Enzo. Today is my first day at St. ERHARD GmbH in Bamberg and I will be part of the sales team for the next 5 months due to my internship, which I am very proud of!

I am what the locals are calling “A’ Neigschmecktr!”. Born in northern Germany in 1986 I rose up in Würzburg for the last 13 years (another beautiful city in Franconia, not far from lovely Bamberg) and startet my studies in Bamberg in 2013 after being a finance and insurance salesman for nearly 8 years.

I started to get interested in everything handmade, food and drink related, a long time ago. Next to my love of cooking and hosting dinner parties I began to read and try more about Single Malt Scotch Whisky and beer especially from Franconian area.

This summer the St. ERHARD GmbH was looking for assistance at their “Die Bierothek” beer store in Bamberg and I immediatley applied! After a short period of familiarisation with the range of products and trainig on the job the CEO, Christian Klemenz, and I decided to take the collaboration to the next level which led to the now starting internship.

Therefore I am very thrilled to get this opportunity to be a part of this very unique start-up and bring in my admiration for this product!

I will try to bring in my sales and aquiring skills as good as possible to help St. ERHARD getting their appreciation they deserve all over the world with their great products.


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