Fabian Brunner

Hello everyone,

my name is Fabian Brunner and today I started working as an Entrepreneurship Intern at St. ERHARD GmbH & its daughter company Bierothek GmbH in Bamberg.

I have been studying International Business Administration in Bamberg at the University of Bamberg with stays abroad in Budapest and Cape Town.

I can say it is good to be back in one of the most beautiful towns in Central Europe.

Bringing my own experience and moreover develop new skills in such an internationally orientated and fast growing company like St. ERHARD GmbH feels great and I am happy to be able to work and learn in such an interesting environment in the next few months.

As I grew up in Bavaria, I already know how much German beer culture means to locals in the Southern part of Germany. Thus, I am proud to help all sorts of people around the globe seeing how much potential there is in beer and give an understanding of its varieties.

I am also fortunate to be part of this strong, quick and sustainable development of Bierothek GmbH, which currently takes place in Germany on a national level and soon at an European level. Especially now, in 2016, the company and the industry experiences a rush of new opportunities, which I am sure will be exploited by this enthusiastic and hard- working team of the Bierothek GmbH at all its branches.

I am really looking forward to make things happen.