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Summer in Bamberg

Summer in Bamberg

The city of Bamberg in summer signifies beer, barbeques and bicycles. The city looks totally different, bright and happy. Bamberg starts welcoming more and more tourists especially at this time of the year. It stays bright till almost 10pm. People stay outside and enjoy their time with their families after work.

Also in some parts of the city, wooden logs are burned on June 21st in order to signify the arrival of summer as it’s done in several other ways in different parts of the globe. Bamberg at this time looks all green again after the heavy rain showers before the arrival of spring. The high density of breweries and the fact that they are located in the vicinity makes it easier for people to just walk around or use a bike to visit the breweries and taste the beer. Also tourists and local people use their bicycles to go to the nearby beautiful places. Bamberg is surrounded by cities which are culturally and historically very rich. For instance, cities like Nuremberg, Wurzburg, Bayreuth and so on, get a lot of visitors annually.

Bamberg doesn’t just attract tourists all over the word because of its rich cultural heritage and old buildings but also for the variety in the beer Bamberg has to offer. Lots of guided tours are conducted in German and English. The cultural and beer history of Bamberg is also explained to the tourists. A part of Bamberg next to the river Regnitz is known as Little Venice. Its beautiful landscape and the water adds to the charm of the city.  

We at St. ERHARD are looking forward to this beer season where summer brings us an extra doze of enthusiasm and zeal to do what we envision with our brand. With our rapid growth in the local market and abroad, we want to grow even faster and venture into new markets in Asia and beyond.

Indo-German Delegation is visiting St. ERHARD in Bamberg

Indo-German Delegation is visiting St. ERHARD in Bamberg

With this post we at St. ERHARD are very proud to announce that next Monday the 10th of June we will have some prestigious dignitaries who will be visiting us at our Bamberg office. We will be happy and honored to welcome the board of the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce. The delegation will include the German Ambassador to India, Mr. Michael Steiner accompanied by Mr. Chandran of BASF India, Mr. Viswanathan of Bosch India, Mr. Gerlich of Bayer India and other Indo-German business executives.

Being a start-up company focusing on trade between Germany and India, it will be a great opportunity for us to explain them our business to them. The whole idea will be to portray what our vision at St. ERHARD is and where do we see ourselves in next coming years.

The agenda of the day will be, first to welcome the whole delegation in our office followed by a small presentation given by the Founder & CEO of St. ERHARD, Christian Klemenz with the other two co-founders Thies Dibbern and Vincent Osterloh respectively. They will present the current business situation with our future growth strategies.

After the presentation the whole delegation will be taken to the brewery where St. ERHARD is brewed. The whole process of brewing

and bottling will be explained to them, just so that they know from how many stages the product goes through before reaching the end consumer in India.

This trip will not only be great for us in terms of the visibility of the brand but will also strengthen the bond between both the countries as Ambassador Steiner with the other esteemed guests will be present here and will witness everything. We are looking forward to welcoming them here.

IGZ Bamberg

IGZ Bamberg

Great businesses are developed from great workplaces. So is the case with St. ERHARD. Our office is located in Innovations- und Gründungszentrum (IGZ) Bamberg which translates to Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Today I will talk about our office premises and what is it that makes it very special and motivating, to wake up in the morning and wanting to go there.

As the name says, the whole premises are just built for young start-up businesses which are still growing. It’s owned and run by the municipality of Bamberg which wants to promote young businesses locally. The administration here is trying best to develop and flourish new start-ups and is motivating young people to generate new ideas and turn them into a profitable product/service offering. The business centre is located in the vicinity of one of the University of Bamberg’s campuses and is equipped with well built offices and conference rooms.

There is something else which makes this place more interesting and very challenging to be in. Just to promote entrepreneurship, IGZ only allows businesses to stay there for a certain period of time. After that the office space is provided to a new venture. This makes sure that the venture makes the most of the starting phase and as soon as it gets big enough then it’s time to give the chance to a new business idea to grow in IGZ. Nonetheless, the rent is subsidized for all the businesses, in compared to offices in other business centers, to make sure that rent doesn’t become a burden on the businesses in the initial phase.

IGZ currently has about 25 different businesses running under one roof. There are networking events where businesses come together and discuss about what they are doing do impact the society and present their product/service offering in front of everyone. One event was recently organized on 17th of May with St. ERHARD being the main sponsor. With all the companies presenting their business ideas, they also enjoyed and appreciated how St. ERHARD is growing and spreading German beer culture abroad starting from Asia to all the other parts of the globe.

We are proud to be a part of this versatile business community and to run our operations out of this dynamic initiative.

Batch of St. ERHARD Beer in the Making

Batch of St. ERHARD Beer in the Making

Every brand carries a story and so does St. ERHARD. This history of brewing beer is thousands of years old and Bamberg area in particular has a rich cultural and beer heritage. The story of Saint Erhard is the story of a prominent Bavarian saint who missionized Bavaria in the 7th century. With St. ERHARD beer we now want to missionize the Asian beer market and make St. ERHARD become the synonym of German premium beer abroad.

St. ERHARD is a flagship brand which represents true beer excellence. This process starts right from the production of our clear glass bottles with our logo getting printed directly on them. This gives our bottles a different grace & subtleness. Then the bottles are coated with an UV-protection to preserve the beer from the effects of sunlight. This makes our beer very attractive and trendy when it comes to our product design and brand promotion.

St. ERHARD was founded in 2011 by Christian, Vincent, Thies & Vikanshu. Even though German beer carries a great reputation in India, there was rarely any brand present in India. This is how the idea of St. ERHARD got generated. Creating a premium brand all from scratch and making it prominent among the beer enthusiasts all over the globe is our vision. 

St. ERHARD is a Kellerbier also called cellar beer in English. It’s brewed according to the German purity law (Reinheitsgebot) and only water, hops and malt are used. The different malts used are Vienna, Pilsen and Cara-Munich malt and the hop used is called Tettnanger aroma hop. A batch of St. ERHARD beer takes approximately 3-4 weeks to get ready and to be bottled. The bottles of St. ERHARD are closed with a crown cap that is separately printed with the picture of Saint Erhard. During this process the beer is also tasted by the brewmaster. Taste and quality is fully taken care of. Then the finished bottles are ready to be exported via containers to India and other parts of Asia.

There are a lot of passionate people behind this brand. As I like to say every sip of St. ERHARD tells me a story.

Der heilige Erhard auf dem Kronkorken des St. ERHARD Bieres

Der heilige Erhard auf dem Kronkorken des St. ERHARD Bieres

Mit wachsender Bekanntheit von unserem St. ERHARD Bier, steigt auch das Interesse an unserem Namenspatron, dem heiligen Erhard. In diesem Blog Post möchte ich daher ein paar nähere Informationen zum heiligen Erhard selbst und zu der Namenswahl für unser St. ERHARD Bier geben.

Auf der Suche nach einem geeigneten Namen für das deutsch-indische Bier stoß unser Gründer Christian Klemenz gemeinsam mit seinem damaligen Kommilitonen und heutigen Geschäftspartner Vikanshu Bhargava auf den heiligen Erhard von Regensburg (in alten Schriften auch Erard oder Herhard genannt). Erhard war ein unverbrauchter, deutsch klingender Eigenname der sich in Asien relativ einfach aussprechen lässt und zudem gut zu einem fränkischen Bier passt.

Der heilige Erhard ist zudem auch stark mit der bayerischen Geschichte verbunden. Der gebürtige Ire war als Wanderbischof tätig und missionierte im 7. Jahrhundert Bayern. Auf seinen Reisen errichtete Erhard mehrere Kirchen und Klöster bevor er nach Regensburg kam, dort das Nonnenkloster Niedermünster gründete und später auch Bischof von Regensburg wurde. Sein Todesjahr ist unbekannt, sein Grab und die Reliquien befinden sich jedoch zur Besichtigung im Niedermünsterkloster in Regensburg.

Der heilige Erhard ist der Patron der Spitäler, Schmieden, Bäcker und Schuhmacher. Außerdem gilt er als Heiler von Kopfschmerzen, Augenleiden, der Pest und Viehkrankheiten. Sein Gedenktag ist der 8. Januar.

Meist wird Erhard von Regensburg als Bischof dargestellt, mit einer Axt oder einem Buch in der Hand, auf dem sich zwei Augen befinden. Angelehnt an diese Vorgaben haben wir auch unseren Kronkorken des St. ERHARD Bieres gestaltet. Dort ist der Heilige mitsamt Bischofstab und Buch dargestellt.

Wir von St. ERHARD nehmen uns den Wandermissionar zum Vorbild und wollen nun ebenfalls durch die Welt ziehen mit einer Mission und zwar wollen wir die Menschen vom St. ERHARD Bier und der fränkischen Bierkultur überzeugen.

Saint Erhard on our St. ERHARD beer crown cap

Saint Erhard on our St. ERHARD beer crown cap

In this blog post I am going to talk about our patron saint Saint Erhard. Being a Hindu, it was really interesting for me to get to know about Saints in Christianity. Saint Erhard was a 7th century bishop of the Bavarian city called Regensburg which is not far from Bamberg. Back in the times he was also knwon by the name of Erard or Herhard.

He was born in Ireland and he went to the continent as missionary bishop as many people at that time did. He then went to Vosges (a department of east of France) and met St. Hildulf (founder of Moyenmoutier Abbey and a reputed bishop of Trier) who lived there in seclusion from the society. He is called Erhard’s brother in terms of spiritual relationship.

Both the saints founded seven monasteries back then. Then Erhard went to Regensburg and founded the convent of Niedermuenster. He taught the sacred sciences at Triers, when St. Hydulphus was bishop of that city. When St. Hydulphus resigned his bishopric to end his days in retirement in 753, St. Erhard withdrew to Ratisbon, where he founded a small monastery, and is said to have been honoured with miracles, both living and after his death, which happened in that city. He was commemorated on this day in Scotland, but in Germany, on the 8th of January

His year of death is still unknown. His body was placed in a grave with the still intact Erhard-crypt at Niedermuenster. His corpse was guarded in the middle ages by a community of women who observed a perpetual round of prayer. They were called Erhardinonnen. On 7th Oct. 1052 the remains of the holy bishops Erhard and Saint Wolfgang (was also a bishop of Regensburg) were raised by Pope Leo IX in the presence of Emperor Henry III and many other bishops. The church in Niedermuenster, which is now a parish church, still has the crosier of the Saint Erhard, made of black buffalo-horn.

To sum up, Saint Erhard was an evangelist who missionized Bavaria. Just as he missionized Bavaria we now want to missionize other parts of the world with Bavarian beer culture through our brand St. ERHARD.

Aline Bruckner at St. ERHARD GmbH in Bamberg

Aline Bruckner at St. ERHARD GmbH in Bamberg

My name is Aline Bruckner and today, on my first day at St. ERHARD GmbH, I want to start with this blog post introducing myself. I was born in Bamberg and have been living here for most of my life. After finishing my bachelor’s degree in Furtwangen which is in the Black Forest. Last year I moved back to Bamberg to pursue my further studies.

Due to my Franconian background, I grew up with this strong beer culture that Bamberg and its surroundings has to offer. I first got to try the taste of beer in my early childhood, as it is such a big part of our everday life here. When I got older I soon discovered to enjoy the occasional beer along with meals or just for rejuvenational purposes.

Beer is not just an alcoholic beverage, but also a pivotal part of our society and lifestyle. When I heard about St. ERHARD beer, it quickly caught my interest and I was able to connect with this brand and its mission to internationally spread Franconian beer culture.

So as of today, I am starting my internship at St. ERHARD which I am really excited about. I hope to be able to transmit a German view concerning the beer culture and of course particularly about St. ERHARD beer. Therefore, I will keep being in contact with you through my blog posts in addition to Rahul’s posts which are already there on the blog. I will also be writing in German and will focus more on the local perspective with Rahul focusing on global aspects.

So feel free to ask and comment below in case of further queries. I will be looking forward to hearing from you!


Rahul checking St. ERHARD bottles at the assembly line

I know it might sound a bit strange that I had my first glass of alcohol a year and a half ago. It seems like yesterday and now I am associated with a very strong and an appealing beer brand St. ERHARD. I always thought of beer or for that matter any other alcoholic beverage as a normal drink but like a mentioned in my earlier post; my time here in Germany totally changed my perception about beer. Now, I don’t hesitate to say that beer in Germany is not just a drink but a pivotal part of German culture.

This change in my perspective happened just a while ago when I started working with St. ERHARD and actually saw how beer was brewed and how much skill and precision is needed to brew a great beer. I would have never thought of the same while finishing masses of beer at Oktoberfest (I can say I was busy just drinking that time). I visited few breweries and I saw the whole process & ingredients used in making a beer. I was astonished and well as very happy to be a part of something like this in Germany.

            I know I am no expert with beer brewing but I would like to share my experience with you all as in how St. ERHARD is made and where it originally comes from.

 St. ERHARD is a typical Franconian Kellerbier (cellar beer) which is brewed in a very delicate way. Originating from the heart of Franconia in Bamberg region, it’s the area with the highest density of breweries in the world. Also the city of Bamberg isn’t just known for its beer brewing history but also for being a UNESCO world heritage. 

I was present when the brewing of St. ERHARD was done and saw how much focus was laid on small details including the amount of time and material added in. It’s very important as we want the beer to be ready to endure the climate change while exported to its respective place.

Also, the special transparent UV protected bottle in which St. ERHARD comes in, adds an extra edge to the whole experience. This is something which is really talked about and appreciated (especially by females) 🙂 . With the pure refreshing taste of Keller beer the idea is to take St. ERHARD from this small brewing paradise Bamberg to all across the globe.

I would highly recommend you to be a part of this whole enriching experience of spreading the beer culture across the globe.


Rahul Agarwal at St. ERHARD GmbH in Bamberg

It was in autumn 2011, when I came to Germany for my Master’s degree. There were many reasons why I chose Germany as my next academic destination. First, Germany being one of the strongest economic pillars of Europe and second was to work in a dynamic and a challenging environment which could enable me to learn and work outside my comfort zone. Moreover, Germany kept on giving me different opportunities to fulfill my expectations and to even live beyond them. 

I believe if there is any country which people love stereotyping, it’s Germany. All of us at some point or the other have made cliché’s about Germans. From their punctuality, to their love for sausages and schnitzel, to how German language sounds like to all the foreigners, all these matters were always touched upon. However, there was one thing which was never much emphasized on, which was their love for football and “beer”. Well, I got my first proof at Oktoberfest. It was the first time when I saw 1000’s of people dancing on the tables with a huge glasses of beer. That was a huge cultural shock for me.

Slowly as I spent some time studying, learning and growing here, I saw beer everywhere. People buying more beer than water from the supermarket, huge beer gardens filled with people enjoying their time drinking beer under the sun and so on. Now after being lived in this amazing country for almost 2 years, I have realized how incomplete German culture is without beer.

Back then I would have never imagined myself working for a beer company. But now it feels great to be a part of St. ERHARD, one of the first German beer companies which has entered the Indian beer market with the vision of delivering a true enriching experience across borders. Probably, being the only Indian working for a German beer brand and facilitating this cultural exchange between the two countries leaves me with the feeling that I am doing something really unique.

St. ERHARD beer has arrived in India and is now about to bring German beer culture to India. This snapshot with two of the first beer bottles which arrived in India was taken in front of India Gate in Delhi. Delhi and the entire National Captial Region (NCR) is also the first market where St. ERHARD beer is distributed. Which outlets where St. ERHARD beer is sold have you spotted already?

Beer In India

Beer: For India, by India, to India