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Tuuli Tilk

Tuuli Tilk

When I was offered a participation in Erasmus Exchange porgramme, I wanted to explore entrepreneurship in a country with great traditions. Entrepreneurship in St. ERHARD is the perfect  to meet German people, German culture and famous German Beer!

As an admirer of strong traditions, I value the opportunity to work at a professional craft beer manufacturer. I share St. ERHARD® love for customs, traditions and hard work. Like my predecessor from Estonia before, I`m also observing a different cultural space (local consumer and its habits, local market) with great interest.

I come from famous (at least for Estonians) and beautiful resort city Pärnu. Due to my previous work experience I take the liberty to say, that I know Estonian consumer. Now the St. ERHARD® offers a great opportunity get to know German and international markets and its customers. Difference enriches and work in the international sales department create a bigger chance to let us (both – myself and St. ERHARD®) more closer to clients and customers. Let us entertain You by offering a beer-tastic flavors!


Enzo Harms

Enzo Harms

Hello beer-enthusiasts all over the world,

My name is Enzo. Today is my first day at St. ERHARD GmbH in Bamberg and I will be part of the sales team for the next 5 months due to my internship, which I am very proud of!

I am what the locals are calling “A’ Neigschmecktr!”. Born in northern Germany in 1986 I rose up in Würzburg for the last 13 years (another beautiful city in Franconia, not far from lovely Bamberg) and startet my studies in Bamberg in 2013 after being a finance and insurance salesman for nearly 8 years.

I started to get interested in everything handmade, food and drink related, a long time ago. Next to my love of cooking and hosting dinner parties I began to read and try more about Single Malt Scotch Whisky and beer especially from Franconian area.

This summer the St. ERHARD GmbH was looking for assistance at their “Die Bierothek” beer store in Bamberg and I immediatley applied! After a short period of familiarisation with the range of products and trainig on the job the CEO, Christian Klemenz, and I decided to take the collaboration to the next level which led to the now starting internship.

Therefore I am very thrilled to get this opportunity to be a part of this very unique start-up and bring in my admiration for this product!

I will try to bring in my sales and aquiring skills as good as possible to help St. ERHARD getting their appreciation they deserve all over the world with their great products.



Das fränkische Kellerbier St. ERHARD, welches mittlerweile schon in vier Kontinente exportiert wird, wurde als eines von nur 100 Exponaten für die internationale Tourneeausstellung „Handmade in Germany“ von den Kuratoren Pascal Johanssen und Katja Kleiss vom Direktorenhaus Berlin ausgewählt, um die lange Tradition und Qualität deutscher Handwerksprodukte in 15 verschiedenen Weltmetropolen zu repräsentieren.

Das St. ERHARD Bier, welches in diesem Jahr als einzige deutsche Biermarke bereits für sein Flaschendesign mit dem German Design Award ausgezeichnet worden ist, wird nun auch bei der „Handmade in Germany“ Worldtour 2014 – 2016 als eine von 100 deutschen Luxusmarken auf Weltreise gehen. Die Palette der ausgestellten Manufakturprodukte reicht von hochwertigsten Uhren über kostbare Instrumente bis hin zu typisch deutschen Erzeugnissen wie Bier, welches durch die junge fränkische Biermarke repräsentiert wird.

Die auf mehrere Jahre angelegte Tourneeausstellung möchte einem internationalen Publikum deutsche Qualitätsprodukte näher bringen. Dabei stehen handgemachte Produkte aus Deutschland mit besonderem Anspruch an das Design im Vordergrund. Ausgewählt wurden die Exponate durch Kuratoren in einem aufwendigen Verfahren.

Am heutigen Freitag, den 19. September 2014 startet die Ausstellung in St. Petersburg. Danach verläuft die Route über Asien nach Amerika und den Mittleren Osten, um den Weg wieder nach Europa zu finden. Wichtige Stationen der Tournee sind unter anderem die Weltmetropolen Moskau, Shanghai, New York, Tokio, Istanbul und Abu Dhabi. Die Idee der Tour selbst ist inspiriert von der so genannten „Walz“. So nennt man seit Jahrhunderten die Gesellenreise im deutschen Handwerk, eine Reise zukünftiger Gesellen nach Abschluss ihrer Lehrzeit.

Für den Gründer der Biermarke St. ERHARD, Christian Klemenz, ist es eine ganz besondere Ehre bei der Ausstellung dabei zu sein: „Als exportorientierte Biermarke freuen wir uns besonders, dass wir mit unserem St. ERHARD Bier nun im Rahmen der „Handmade in Germany“ Worldtour ausgewählt worden sind und dadurch noch mehr neue Städte und Länder mit unserem fränkischen Bier erreichen!“

Our New Team Member Yann from France

Our New Team Member Yann from France

Hello everybody, I am Yann Ehrhard, the new summer intern here at St. ERHARD GmbH in the beautiful city of Bamberg. Born in Ivory Coast, raised in France, I’m now a student at McGill University, Desautels Faculty of Management in Montreal, Canada. There I’m doing a Bachelor of Commerce in International Management. The way I got to know St. ERHARD is quite funny, I was looking for an internship over the summer to gain more practical work experience, and apply what I’ve learned in classes in the real business world.

One day while going through my followers on my Twitter account, I realized that a company called St. ERHARD was following me, intrigued I decided to do more research about the company, and discover what they’re about. It was a really funny to see that they were a company who was producing beer, with my family name, and that looked young, innovative, and wanted to bring its unique touch of style and taste to the beer world. Moreover, I’m a beer lover, I grew up around it, live in a country where the beer culture is strong, from just hanging out with your friends to huge sports events, beer is not only a drink, it’s a way to enjoy life with a simple beverage, which interwoven different and complex aromas. That’s why I decided to send an email with my resume and a motivation letter, to know about their internships opportunities. No need to elaborate on the following, I think you can guess what happened next.

I’m working here thanks to the European Union program called Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, which helps young people to discover what’s entrepreneurship by placing them in new companies. It’s a really good initiative that I recommend to anyone who wants to discover more about this field. I just started yesterday, and you can’t believe how much I’m excited to be here, helping St. ERHARD to grow and learning at the same time, it’s one of my first real job experience and will probably never forget it.

Bavarian Founders’ Award 2014 Category "StartUp"

Bavarian Founders’ Award 2014 Category “StartUp”

What an honor! We have been selected by a jury of Bavarian businessmen and representatives of the financial industry to be among the Top3 Bavarian StartUps of the year 2014. The Bavarian Founders’ Award is the highest award for entrepreneurs in Bavaria and is granted only to those who achieve special and outstanding achievements in the establishment and maintenance of companies. Our congratulations particulary go out to Flixbus which have been selected the winner among the three finalists of the Startup category.

Receiving this esteemed recognition is a privilege but also a responsibility. We will continue to work hard on meeting the high expectations which are being put on us.


Bar in Tallinn, Estonia

Bar in Tallinn, Estonia

Barely has been cultivated in Estonia from some 1000 years BC and probably with it people also learned how to make fermented drinks from grains such as mead and beer.

For medieval age each region of Estonia had developed its own beer making technics and recipes, different flavours, strongness and colours. For example to the beer wort was added juniper infused water, birch whisks, bread, tobacco and even salted sprats boiled water. One could wonder how this would taste?

Beer had a strong place in the life around the village. Usually brewing took place several times in a year before bees, holidays and celebrations. In addition beer was brought to the neighbours for building better relations or sacrificed for ancestors’ souls.

Industrial production of beer started in 19th century. Nowadays the beer market in Estonia is dominated by two breweries – A Le Coq and Saku – which has about 80% of the beer market. There are also 3 medium size breweries and couple of smaller breweries. Therefore the beer market is not yet much diversified and there are mainly three sorts of beer in hundreds of different versions – pilsner, light lager beer and porter.

But as in all over the word the craft beer movement has not moved past Estonia. People are more and more into new exquisite tastes and craft beers – both imported and also from the new craft breweries that are being founded in Estonia.

And as such St. ERHARD beer has been accepted very well by our first Estonian customers who have ordered through our online store. Cheers!

Mirko and Björn made it to Cochin

Mirko and Björn made it to Cochin

Yes! Team St. ERHARD has made it to Cochin. After two weeks and 3,500 km of bumpy Indian roads Mirko and Björn have finally made it to Cochin. They successfully completed “The Rickshaw Run” 2014 from Jaisalmer in Rajasthan to Cochin in Kerala in a 7 horsepower rickshaw. What a wild ride!

For more pictures check out:

Congrats Björn & Mirko for successfully completing this mad journey!

St. ERHARD KellerBeats

St. ERHARD KellerBeats

For us, St. ERHARD is much more than the beer that we produce. We are working on building an iconic brand whose values spread beyond the material product features. We embrace design and the arts. That’s why we decided to start a new series of events where we promote upcoming bands and their music. We called it “St. ERHARD KellerBeats”.

The first concert, St. ERHARD KellerBeats Volume#1, will take place on February 7th, 2014 at Live Club Bamberg. Our first performing band will be Bülbül Manush from Erlangen. The after show party will be hosted by Drosophila Sound from Bayreuth.

We’re looking forward to welcoming many of our St. ERHARD fans at this kick-off event in Bamberg. For more information please also visit the following Facebook event site:

Mirko and Björn have reached Goa

Mirko and Björn have reached Goa

After about a week of bumpy roads Team St. ERHARD has reached Goa. About 1,000 km more to go for reaching Cochin. Keep it up!

For the latest pictures check out:

Mirko and Björn from Team St. ERHARD at "The Rickshaw Run" 2014

Mirko and Björn from Team St. ERHARD at “The Rickshaw Run” 2014

What would you say if somebody tells you that he will take a 3,500 km journey across the Indian subcontinent with a 7 horesepower rickshaw? You might think this is crazy and so thought we when we were addressed by Björn and Mirko who wanted to form a German team to participate in  “The Rickshaw Run” 2014. But because we like crazy ideas and have been a crazy idea ourselves when we started off exporting German beer to India we wanted to support them.

The start of the race has been January 1st 2014 in the City of Jaisalmer in Northern India. For the next 14 days they will try to make their way to Cochin in Southern India. A given route does not exist, the journey is the destination. A price is just as rare, winners will be all. The Rickshaw Run is also a charity event where each team collects money for a nonprofit organization. In addition to the environmental organization Cool Earth the team raises funds for SOS Children’s Villages.

We will keep you posted on the recent developments and inform you about anything that happens on their way.

Recent pictures can be found on our St. ERHARD Facebook Fanpage:

If you want to take a glimpse on how the race is going check out this short video:


For more information please also visit:…


Beer In India

Beer: For India, by India, to India