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Mirko and Björn made it to Cochin

Mirko and Björn made it to Cochin

Yes! Team St. ERHARD has made it to Cochin. After two weeks and 3,500 km of bumpy Indian roads Mirko and Björn have finally made it to Cochin. They successfully completed “The Rickshaw Run” 2014 from Jaisalmer in Rajasthan to Cochin in Kerala in a 7 horsepower rickshaw. What a wild ride!

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Congrats Björn & Mirko for successfully completing this mad journey!

Mirko and Björn from Team St. ERHARD at "The Rickshaw Run" 2014

Mirko and Björn from Team St. ERHARD at “The Rickshaw Run” 2014

What would you say if somebody tells you that he will take a 3,500 km journey across the Indian subcontinent with a 7 horesepower rickshaw? You might think this is crazy and so thought we when we were addressed by Björn and Mirko who wanted to form a German team to participate in  “The Rickshaw Run” 2014. But because we like crazy ideas and have been a crazy idea ourselves when we started off exporting German beer to India we wanted to support them.

The start of the race has been January 1st 2014 in the City of Jaisalmer in Northern India. For the next 14 days they will try to make their way to Cochin in Southern India. A given route does not exist, the journey is the destination. A price is just as rare, winners will be all. The Rickshaw Run is also a charity event where each team collects money for a nonprofit organization. In addition to the environmental organization Cool Earth the team raises funds for SOS Children’s Villages.

We will keep you posted on the recent developments and inform you about anything that happens on their way.

Recent pictures can be found on our St. ERHARD Facebook Fanpage:

If you want to take a glimpse on how the race is going check out this short video:


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