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Expressions for Beer in Europe

Expressions for Beer in Europe

As regular readers know we recently opened our own St. ERHARD online shop. And with the EU wide delivery many people from different countries have already taken the opportunity to enjoy our premium German Kellerbier.

And with this in mind we would like to share a little light to some interesting facts connected to few of our new export markets’ beer cultures.

Finland. Maybe you have heard of wife carrying as a sport originated from Finland? Exactly, they even do World Championships in it.  The objective is for the male to carry the female through a special obstacle track in the fastest time. And the reward? Beer in the weight of the wife’s weight.

Regarding competitions, carrying and beer – there is also a beer carrying competitions held in Germany. And the world record from most beer steins carried over 40 m by a female is 19 achieved by Anita Schwarz (Germany). Outstanding.

Estonia. In old times in Estonia Christmas was also knows as the Feast of Beer. Why? Because all the beer which was brewed up to the Feast of St. Thomas (held in the beginning of July) should have sufficed until the Feast of the Three Kings (held on the 6th of January).

Sweden. Only one store chain sells hard alcohol since 1955 – government set up Systembolaget. It’s the only place you can buy wine and spirits and beer with an alcohol content above 3.5 percent.

And lastly an interesting infographics – a map showing how “beer” is called in in each different country in Europe and the roots of them.

We are very proud that St. ERHARD was featured in the Bayrischer Rundfunk (BR) last Sunday. It was a very interesting experience having a camera team filming us at work.
In this blog post I want to tell you more about this feature and how it was made.

We were really happy when the BR contacted us in October and told us that they want to do feature about us in Sunday’s Frankenschau. After we organized all the details we scheduled the date for the shoot. This shooting day was a really interesting experience because we had the chance to see behind the myth of television. At November, 6th a camera man, an audio engineer and a television journalist came to our office at the IGZ (Center for Innovations und New Ventures) in Bamberg.
Once we showed them around in our rooms, we directly started shooting. Time is money! After we were filmed in our office and our Founder Christan Klemenz was interviewed, we also decided to show the BR-Team our warehouse where our products are stored and prepared for the shipping to India and Hong Kong or to our costumers in Germany and the rest of Europe. Subsequently, we moved on to “Moe’s Bar” in Bamberg to shoot some scenes with the guests of Moe’s drinking our St. ERHARD.

This nearly whole day of shooting ended up in a very nice 5-minute feature about St. ERHARD in the Frankenschau at November, 24th .

Thanks again to the BR-Team for they great work. And now check out the video!

The St. ERHARD Team with the Founders Award (f.r.t.l: Justus, Aline and Founder Christian)

The St. ERHARD Team with the Founders Award (f.r.t.l: Justus, Aline and Founder Christian)

Last Wednesday was a special day for us! We won the Founders Award (Gründerpreis) of the Sparkasse Bamberg. We are very happy about that and give thanks to the Sparkasse Bamberg for the recognition of our passionate work over the last two years.

Since 2009 the Sparkasse Bamberg bestow the Founders Award, which includes a prize money of 5,000 €, to innovative and exceptional young start-ups from the region of Bamberg. The award ceremony took place within the “20. Bamberger Wirtschaftstage” (20th Days of the Bamberg economy) at the concert hall Bamberg. During this special occasion, after the awards were handed over to the winners, we were glad to have the chance to listen to a inspiring speech of Dr. Florian Langenscheidt, who is a important manager, publisher, entrepreneur and business angel in Germany.

Finally we want to thank the Sparkasse Bamberg again for this award and the special evening at the concert hall Bamberg.

PS.: Also check the pictures of the evening on our facebook site.

Der heilige Erhard auf dem Kronkorken des St. ERHARD Bieres

Der heilige Erhard auf dem Kronkorken des St. ERHARD Bieres

Mit wachsender Bekanntheit von unserem St. ERHARD Bier, steigt auch das Interesse an unserem Namenspatron, dem heiligen Erhard. In diesem Blog Post möchte ich daher ein paar nähere Informationen zum heiligen Erhard selbst und zu der Namenswahl für unser St. ERHARD Bier geben.

Auf der Suche nach einem geeigneten Namen für das deutsch-indische Bier stoß unser Gründer Christian Klemenz gemeinsam mit seinem damaligen Kommilitonen und heutigen Geschäftspartner Vikanshu Bhargava auf den heiligen Erhard von Regensburg (in alten Schriften auch Erard oder Herhard genannt). Erhard war ein unverbrauchter, deutsch klingender Eigenname der sich in Asien relativ einfach aussprechen lässt und zudem gut zu einem fränkischen Bier passt.

Der heilige Erhard ist zudem auch stark mit der bayerischen Geschichte verbunden. Der gebürtige Ire war als Wanderbischof tätig und missionierte im 7. Jahrhundert Bayern. Auf seinen Reisen errichtete Erhard mehrere Kirchen und Klöster bevor er nach Regensburg kam, dort das Nonnenkloster Niedermünster gründete und später auch Bischof von Regensburg wurde. Sein Todesjahr ist unbekannt, sein Grab und die Reliquien befinden sich jedoch zur Besichtigung im Niedermünsterkloster in Regensburg.

Der heilige Erhard ist der Patron der Spitäler, Schmieden, Bäcker und Schuhmacher. Außerdem gilt er als Heiler von Kopfschmerzen, Augenleiden, der Pest und Viehkrankheiten. Sein Gedenktag ist der 8. Januar.

Meist wird Erhard von Regensburg als Bischof dargestellt, mit einer Axt oder einem Buch in der Hand, auf dem sich zwei Augen befinden. Angelehnt an diese Vorgaben haben wir auch unseren Kronkorken des St. ERHARD Bieres gestaltet. Dort ist der Heilige mitsamt Bischofstab und Buch dargestellt.

Wir von St. ERHARD nehmen uns den Wandermissionar zum Vorbild und wollen nun ebenfalls durch die Welt ziehen mit einer Mission und zwar wollen wir die Menschen vom St. ERHARD Bier und der fränkischen Bierkultur überzeugen.

Saint Erhard on our St. ERHARD beer crown cap

Saint Erhard on our St. ERHARD beer crown cap

In this blog post I am going to talk about our patron saint Saint Erhard. Being a Hindu, it was really interesting for me to get to know about Saints in Christianity. Saint Erhard was a 7th century bishop of the Bavarian city called Regensburg which is not far from Bamberg. Back in the times he was also knwon by the name of Erard or Herhard.

He was born in Ireland and he went to the continent as missionary bishop as many people at that time did. He then went to Vosges (a department of east of France) and met St. Hildulf (founder of Moyenmoutier Abbey and a reputed bishop of Trier) who lived there in seclusion from the society. He is called Erhard’s brother in terms of spiritual relationship.

Both the saints founded seven monasteries back then. Then Erhard went to Regensburg and founded the convent of Niedermuenster. He taught the sacred sciences at Triers, when St. Hydulphus was bishop of that city. When St. Hydulphus resigned his bishopric to end his days in retirement in 753, St. Erhard withdrew to Ratisbon, where he founded a small monastery, and is said to have been honoured with miracles, both living and after his death, which happened in that city. He was commemorated on this day in Scotland, but in Germany, on the 8th of January

His year of death is still unknown. His body was placed in a grave with the still intact Erhard-crypt at Niedermuenster. His corpse was guarded in the middle ages by a community of women who observed a perpetual round of prayer. They were called Erhardinonnen. On 7th Oct. 1052 the remains of the holy bishops Erhard and Saint Wolfgang (was also a bishop of Regensburg) were raised by Pope Leo IX in the presence of Emperor Henry III and many other bishops. The church in Niedermuenster, which is now a parish church, still has the crosier of the Saint Erhard, made of black buffalo-horn.

To sum up, Saint Erhard was an evangelist who missionized Bavaria. Just as he missionized Bavaria we now want to missionize other parts of the world with Bavarian beer culture through our brand St. ERHARD.

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