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Tuuli Tilk

Tuuli Tilk

When I was offered a participation in Erasmus Exchange porgramme, I wanted to explore entrepreneurship in a country with great traditions. Entrepreneurship in St. ERHARD is the perfect  to meet German people, German culture and famous German Beer!

As an admirer of strong traditions, I value the opportunity to work at a professional craft beer manufacturer. I share St. ERHARD® love for customs, traditions and hard work. Like my predecessor from Estonia before, I`m also observing a different cultural space (local consumer and its habits, local market) with great interest.

I come from famous (at least for Estonians) and beautiful resort city Pärnu. Due to my previous work experience I take the liberty to say, that I know Estonian consumer. Now the St. ERHARD® offers a great opportunity get to know German and international markets and its customers. Difference enriches and work in the international sales department create a bigger chance to let us (both – myself and St. ERHARD®) more closer to clients and customers. Let us entertain You by offering a beer-tastic flavors!

Bar in Tallinn, Estonia

Bar in Tallinn, Estonia

Barely has been cultivated in Estonia from some 1000 years BC and probably with it people also learned how to make fermented drinks from grains such as mead and beer.

For medieval age each region of Estonia had developed its own beer making technics and recipes, different flavours, strongness and colours. For example to the beer wort was added juniper infused water, birch whisks, bread, tobacco and even salted sprats boiled water. One could wonder how this would taste?

Beer had a strong place in the life around the village. Usually brewing took place several times in a year before bees, holidays and celebrations. In addition beer was brought to the neighbours for building better relations or sacrificed for ancestors’ souls.

Industrial production of beer started in 19th century. Nowadays the beer market in Estonia is dominated by two breweries – A Le Coq and Saku – which has about 80% of the beer market. There are also 3 medium size breweries and couple of smaller breweries. Therefore the beer market is not yet much diversified and there are mainly three sorts of beer in hundreds of different versions – pilsner, light lager beer and porter.

But as in all over the word the craft beer movement has not moved past Estonia. People are more and more into new exquisite tastes and craft beers – both imported and also from the new craft breweries that are being founded in Estonia.

And as such St. ERHARD beer has been accepted very well by our first Estonian customers who have ordered through our online store. Cheers!

Expressions for Beer in Europe

Expressions for Beer in Europe

As regular readers know we recently opened our own St. ERHARD online shop. And with the EU wide delivery many people from different countries have already taken the opportunity to enjoy our premium German Kellerbier.

And with this in mind we would like to share a little light to some interesting facts connected to few of our new export markets’ beer cultures.

Finland. Maybe you have heard of wife carrying as a sport originated from Finland? Exactly, they even do World Championships in it.  The objective is for the male to carry the female through a special obstacle track in the fastest time. And the reward? Beer in the weight of the wife’s weight.

Regarding competitions, carrying and beer – there is also a beer carrying competitions held in Germany. And the world record from most beer steins carried over 40 m by a female is 19 achieved by Anita Schwarz (Germany). Outstanding.

Estonia. In old times in Estonia Christmas was also knows as the Feast of Beer. Why? Because all the beer which was brewed up to the Feast of St. Thomas (held in the beginning of July) should have sufficed until the Feast of the Three Kings (held on the 6th of January).

Sweden. Only one store chain sells hard alcohol since 1955 – government set up Systembolaget. It’s the only place you can buy wine and spirits and beer with an alcohol content above 3.5 percent.

And lastly an interesting infographics – a map showing how “beer” is called in in each different country in Europe and the roots of them.

Our New Team Member Mart from Estonia

Our New Team Member Mart from Estonia

My name is Mart Raus and this is my first day in St. ERHARD. I am here through the Erasmus Entrepreneur program.

First, I would like to introduce myself. I have grown up in Tartu, Estonia – quite similar town to Bamberg with its size and university. Historically Estonia has had much influence from Germany and as such we have also a strong beer culture and some good beers.

After my university studies I co-founded a company that produces a unique product “Grillcube” that helps grillers start their BBQ charcoal very easily with just one match, but without any flavor ruining lighter fluid additives.

And of course, a tasty charcoal grilled pork and a very fine beer is an excellent match!

I got to know St. ERHARD as a very fast growing and globally orientated start-up from a historical beer region in Germany. I liked the brand and very good execution behind it and think this project helps to grow both companies. I love a good beer and it’s great to be working with St. ERHARD.

Feel free to contact me anytime by writing a comment below or sending an e-mail. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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