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Why we do what we do

Why we do what we do

People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe” said Simon Sinek, who is a renowned author and a motivational speaker. Big brands like Apple which charge a premium on their product and service offerings always believe in conveying the message of why they are doing what they are doing and what exactly they envision to do with their brand.

There is a difference between traditional marketing and marketing done for premium luxury goods. Luxury marketing takes a leap forward and works towards factors which a small, local and domestic brand ignores. It’s very crucial to keep it simple. Brands often run towards making things complex. This portrays directly in their marketing campaigns and in the ways they design their products and services. Companies tend to forget the power of simplicity which indirectly attracts consumers. The idea should not only be to present the product/service offering in the best possible manner but also to portray how they will making your life simpler and easier. Brand building is a long term process. In order to grow their sales digits companies often forget to focus on the idea behind the sales of their goods and services. This negatively affects their brand reputation. Brands like Apple, Chanel, LVMH and other luxury brands focus on creating value for the consumers by charging a premium amount. This is where marketing plays a pivotal role. After the emergence of social media, communication has become way easier than it was before. The only need is to spread the right message to the right target audience.

St. ERHARD being a flagship beer brand is also focusing on the story of why we sell what we sell. The idea is not to increase in the sales numbers in the first place but is to educate and spread the rich German beer culture abroad. Beer has always been a crucial part of the German culture. Our innovative design and premium quality brew makes us a strong brand in itself.  We want to make a difference with our existence by acting as a catalyst in spreading awareness about beer across the globe. We want all our stakeholders to act like our brand ambassador’s and to represent German beer culture in the best possible manner. It’s clear what we do and how we do it but this post was to present to why we do what we do.

Rising Per Capita Consumption in India

Rising Per Capita Consumption in India

India is the second most populated nation in the world, although, when we talk about the per capita consumption of beer, India is listed way lower than many other smaller countries.

If we look at the global scenario, surprisingly Czech Republic has the highest per capita consumption with the staggering number of 132 liters drank per individual every year. This position is closely followed by Germany with 107 liters per capita annually and by other nations like Austria, Ireland, Canada, and Poland etc. These numbers are subject to change with changing demographics and changing consumer preferences.

Lots of beverage start-ups have been opening all around the globe. From alcoholic beverages to non-alcoholic beverages, all brands are trying to portray some or the other message in order to capture their market. There are companies trying to market their product saying it’s “healthy/organic” with others saying that their product is “authentic and real”, marketing has become a crucial part to attract the consumers all across the globe.

So has been the case with India and other emerging nations like China, Brazil. India has been blessed with many national and international beverage companies, who are all hoping to tap the huge gap in the per capita consumption of beer. If we talk in numbers, unlike Czech Republic with 132 liters of beer per capita consumption, India is stands on 2 liters of beer consumed per capita annually. However, according to a study, India by 2025 will have a largest population with over 1.5 billion people. The interesting fact is India will be the youngest nation with 20% of the worlds below 25 year olds will be Indians with compared to 11% in China. This will not only increase the market for the potential beverage lovers but also will bring significant growth in the legal drinking age in India for alco. bev. companies. This is undoubtedly a huge hope for the companies which will help them leverage the gap in the beer consumption of India with the rest of the world.

St. ERHARD being one of the pioneering brands to expand in India is looking forward to driving this change and to be a part of this revolution. Our main aim is not to operate and mature beer drinking market but is to start at the grass-root level and to educate Indian and other Asian groups about beer and German beer culture.

St. ERHARD and Social Media

St. ERHARD and Social Media

Social media has now become one of the most crucial tools in building a brand. Many famous brands are often known to us because of their innovative ad campaigns. When a campaign goes viral it gets shared on social media platforms and reaches out to an even bigger audience. There are numerous platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress and so on for companies to attract and leave an impact on their target segment. The focus is not only on the website market but also on the app market as number of people who access internet via mobile phones increased by 60.3% to 818.4 million in last two years. Users are now connected on different devices (Phone, Notebooks, iPad, TV) simultaneously which makes it harder for a brand to track their users but in turn fosters brand visibility.

Different media like digital/print media are playing a pivotal role in making a brand successful. Social media is now embraced by more than one billion people all across the world with users coming from all different demographic environments. In a recent research it was found out that people falling between the age categories of 18 to 29 use/connect more to the social media networking websites which decreases with increasing age group people.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click, Google AdWords and many others, have changed the traditional pattern of doing businesses and have revolutionized the way sales are done. If we talk about numbers, as of the first quarter of 2013, Facebook passed 1.1 billion monthly users and now  has approximately 665 million daily user base. Twitter’s 288 million monthly active user accounts have seen 44% growth from June 2012 to March 2013. LinkedIn reached 200 million users which made it one of the biggest platforms for professional networking and YouTube had 1 billion unique monthly visitors. These numbers are constantly increasing every second with the emergence of different brands in the market and their constant urge to become big.

When we talk about St. ERHARD which is a high-end premium beverage brand, social media has always been our primary focus. We use it not only to increase the visibility and to build a strong brand but also as a tool to replicate the unique German beer culture through our online campaigns all across the world. With our main market being Asia, it’s crucial for us to portray the famous German beer culture along with the brand. The world of social media is endless. Having said that I will suggest: “Go drink some beer and socialize”.

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