Bar in Tallinn, Estonia

Bar in Tallinn, Estonia

Barely has been cultivated in Estonia from some 1000 years BC and probably with it people also learned how to make fermented drinks from grains such as mead and beer.

For medieval age each region of Estonia had developed its own beer making technics and recipes, different flavours, strongness and colours. For example to the beer wort was added juniper infused water, birch whisks, bread, tobacco and even salted sprats boiled water. One could wonder how this would taste?

Beer had a strong place in the life around the village. Usually brewing took place several times in a year before bees, holidays and celebrations. In addition beer was brought to the neighbours for building better relations or sacrificed for ancestors’ souls.

Industrial production of beer started in 19th century. Nowadays the beer market in Estonia is dominated by two breweries – A Le Coq and Saku – which has about 80% of the beer market. There are also 3 medium size breweries and couple of smaller breweries. Therefore the beer market is not yet much diversified and there are mainly three sorts of beer in hundreds of different versions – pilsner, light lager beer and porter.

But as in all over the word the craft beer movement has not moved past Estonia. People are more and more into new exquisite tastes and craft beers – both imported and also from the new craft breweries that are being founded in Estonia.

And as such St. ERHARD beer has been accepted very well by our first Estonian customers who have ordered through our online store. Cheers!