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Indo-German Delegation is visiting St. ERHARD in Bamberg

Indo-German Delegation is visiting St. ERHARD in Bamberg

With this post we at St. ERHARD are very proud to announce that next Monday the 10th of June we will have some prestigious dignitaries who will be visiting us at our Bamberg office. We will be happy and honored to welcome the board of the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce. The delegation will include the German Ambassador to India, Mr. Michael Steiner accompanied by Mr. Chandran of BASF India, Mr. Viswanathan of Bosch India, Mr. Gerlich of Bayer India and other Indo-German business executives.

Being a start-up company focusing on trade between Germany and India, it will be a great opportunity for us to explain them our business to them. The whole idea will be to portray what our vision at St. ERHARD is and where do we see ourselves in next coming years.

The agenda of the day will be, first to welcome the whole delegation in our office followed by a small presentation given by the Founder & CEO of St. ERHARD, Christian Klemenz with the other two co-founders Thies Dibbern and Vincent Osterloh respectively. They will present the current business situation with our future growth strategies.

After the presentation the whole delegation will be taken to the brewery where St. ERHARD is brewed. The whole process of brewing

and bottling will be explained to them, just so that they know from how many stages the product goes through before reaching the end consumer in India.

This trip will not only be great for us in terms of the visibility of the brand but will also strengthen the bond between both the countries as Ambassador Steiner with the other esteemed guests will be present here and will witness everything. We are looking forward to welcoming them here.

India - Land of Opportunities

India – Land of Opportunities

I remember the day when I first met Christian, Founder & CEO of St. ERHARD, at Munich Venture Summit 2012 where he shared his vision of bringing St. ERHARD to India and his experience studying at IIM Ahmedabad from where the idea of St. ERHARD originated. I was astonished and felt really proud to hear the same.

India has always been a land of opportunities. Being a country with over one billion people, India has been successful in spreading the culture, values and traditions across borders. Also among the people who haven’t even been to India at all. I feel so proud of myself to represent my country out here in Germany and also in front of different people from all over the globe.

India represents entrepreneurial spirit, possibilities, businesses ideas and passion. St. ERHARD is surely a blend of all these aspects. India has been known for creating incredible brands and concepts. From past few decades this country has evolved and so has the whole corporate landscape.

Organizations like TiE, NEN, FICCI, CII and many other entrepreneurial incubators have proved their success now and then in molding people and ideas into success businesses. Also educational institutes like Indian Institute of Management’s and Indian School of Business, Hyderabad and other esteemed institutions have been places where great ideas have generated and changed the way we see this world now.

St. ERHARD being a very young, promising & a dynamic start-up, carries a niche with itself. Beer has been a synonym for Germany and its culture. This is what we plan to portray. The idea in the end is to see St. ERHARD become a synonym for premium quality German beer coming all the way from the heart of Germany.

Beer In India

Beer: For India, by India, to India