Beer - Women's Drink of Choice

Beer – Women’s Drink of Choice

Beer would probably never have been considered as a girly drink in the past. However, it is the third favorite drink in the world after water and tea. But is it only men who drink beer?

In Germany – especially here in Bamberg area – we drink a lot of beer. And „we“ includes us women too. The beer culture is so interwoven with our lifestyle that we basically grow up with beer. I had my first sip of beer when I was a little girl and at first I didn’t like it. The taste was strong and bitter. A kind of taste that many women don’t appreciate in the beginning. However, due to the integration of beer in our everyday life and especially our leisure time one does not get around that taste. And the more you try it, the better you can relate to it. Faster than you know it you might even learn to love it.

This is probably the reason why more and more women – including me – gladly order a bottle of nice cold beer in a bar instead of an overly sweetened and expensive cocktail or longdrink. The wide variety of beer types offers a diverse choice. There is Ale, Wheat beer, Pilsner, Lager, Bock, and so on. Our St. ERHARD beer is a Kellerbier (cellar beer) which belongs to the catgeory of Lager beers. The taste of St. ERHARD beer is even more appealing to women because it has a rather malty taste and is therefore not as bitter as other beers in the market. I personally also really like the smaller 0,33l bottles because it gives you just enough time to finish the beer before it warms up in your hands.

Many women here in Germany also drink Radler. Radler is a mixture of one half lemonade and one half beer. This drink is especially nice in the summer when an entire beer might tire you and the mixture with lemonade is a refreshing alternative.

So never hesitate to try new things – it could be your new favorite!